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Promotion / Relegation Between Divisions

12/12/19 | James Mitchell

Promotion / Relegation Between Divisions

Dear all,

We have had a recent query regarding promotion and relegation and want to clarify the situation as it was changed slightly at the last AGM.

Promotion / Relegation still involves 2 up 2 down, but with an added extra incentive. 3rd Place would have a play off with 3rd from bottom of the above division.

For example, if there are 10 teams in division 1 and 2, 

9th and 10th from division 1 would automatically be relegated to division 2. 

1st and 2nd from division 2 would then automatically get promoted to division 1. 

8th place from division 1 would then have a play off with 3rd place of division 2.

If anything needs clearing up further, please contact the rep in your division


LDPL Committee

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