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News Report

Committee shake up

09/11/22 | LDPL Committee

Due to a recent resignation from Stew, we have had a shake up in the committee.

Good evening everyone,

Many of you will know Stew Bailey on the committee as head Rep. Unfortunately due to work and personal circumstances, he has been forced to hand his resignation in to the committee. Over the years, Stew has given the league many hours and huge commitment which is hugely appreciated by all and will be greatly missed. 

We have had to rearrange the reps to share his huge workload, the committee page has now been updated to reflect the changes that have been made. If you are in the region WhatsApp groups, you will have been notified of this change but may not fully realise the changes made. Please take a look to see all of the changes made and see how it affects yourself or team.

Recent additions to the committee include Toby Vernon, James Punch and Scott Anderson. We welcome them to the committee with open arms as we know they will all do a fantastic job.

Good luck for the rest of the season 

LDPL Committee 

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